Kado Weekthun!

Wednesday 15 May 2019 (17:00 -00:00)
Saturday 25 May 2019 (00:00 -12:00)
Teacher : Dagmar Waldau
Contact person : Olga Papalexandrou
Price: €700
Material Fee: €30.00
A creative and meditative dance between nature, space and perception, Kado teaches us to see clearly the wisdom in nature in ourselfes and others.

Entry date is May 15th and departure date is May 25th

The program includes: 

  • 2 days (15-17th of May) of sitting and walking meditation, swimming and creating the space.
  • 6 days (17th afternoon to 22nd evening) of Kado Weethun.
  • 2 days (23rd to 25th of May) of Sitting and walking meditation, swimming, digest, socialising.

Our Teacher will be Dagmar Waldau, teacher in the Shambhala Kado Ridgen School of Ikebana. She practises and studies under the guidance of the Kado Master Marcia Wang Shibata and is trained by her to teach the way of flowers.

For more information or clarifications please contact: [email protected]